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My Story

My name is Hisham and I have over 25 years (and counting!) of corporate experience, with more than half spent in various senior management capacities. In this regard, I consider myself very fortunate for having the opportunities to work for some major multinational companies both overseas and in Malaysia, and for having the chance to work with clients from all over the world. 

The best aspect of my job, I would say, is the people. I am passionate about growing and nurturing talents. I firmly believe that we all are good at something, we just need to find what it is. As a leader, in whichever context, be it at home or at work, we should be able to match the skills of those under our care with the right opportunities (hence, I am a strong advocate of giving people a second chance!). 

The rather sad reality is, however, time and time again, I see companies failing in this regard. Many companies, particularly, big corporates tend to have, in my view, a rather rigid hiring and performance appraisal frameworks, which, more often than not, do not facilitate my previous point. For this reason, we constantly run the risk of losing perfectly good (some great) talents, which can be very costly to businesses and the individuals concerned (many succumbed to depression or worse!). This pretty much started me up on my coaching journey.

I stumbled upon Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) during the time that I was in dire need to resolve some of the tough issues that I was facing. I was suffering from depression, and frankly, desperately wanting to heal and find myself again after a series of seriously devastating events in my life.

RTT® practically transformed my life, and through the healing process, I was able to establish the crux of the problems and reconcile many aspects of my life that I never thought was even relevant to how I tend to act and react, and internalise many of my feelings, fears etc. It even cured my chronic allergy of 30 years!


I am committed to helping those in need to heal (by utilising the power of RTT®) and coach them towards realising their true potentials and having the lives that they have always wanted, and deserve.


Client Z, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(on anxiety and confidence issues)

“At a very young age, I had subconsciously formed a belief that nobody truly cares and people are generally mean and unkind. From yesterday's regression session, I came to realize that the debilitating anxiety that I suffer (especially when it comes to public speaking) was my body's natural response of protecting myself from any form of potential public humiliation/ scrutiny (which is a reminiscent of my childhood days).

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